Hardware & Devices

Hardware & Devices

We offer impartial, independent advice across the best-performing, leading brands, to help you put in place the right infrastructure that can harness current and emerging technologies.

We can help you review, configure or replace your IT infrastructure at an affordable price, ensuring you get the best out of the technology and services that lie on top of this infrastructure.

Why it works for you

We’ll work with you to understand what your objectives are, what you’re hoping to achieve and design a solution which will deliver this in the most cost effective way.

ABtec understand that most schools have a range of devices to ensure that students leave with the knowledge to use an array of different platforms and technology. This can provide significant challenges to teaching, learning and device management but ABtec can offer advice and implementation solutions to meet these daily challenges.

Teaching and learning
We work with the best technology suppliers, to bring together all you need to ensure that your IT supports, rather than hinders, teaching and learning at your school.

ABtec have experience of setting up device and user policies not matter what technologies the school has in place, providing you with confidence that all configuration is being made based on the suitability for education.

We have a range of tools to help you manage and monitor the range of devices on your network.

In the unlikely event that something stops working, there is someone within our team who can readily identify the cause and immediately fix it.

Hardware & Devices

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