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We understand that  IT Managed Services industry, if people are unhappy with their provider they will go elsewhere fairly sharpish.

The reasons for change may be to do with value for money, speed of response, technical capability, or just people and the way that service is provided.

We’re proud of our excellent client retention rate which has remained above 98% since we began trading more than a decade ago.

Managed IT
Your IT Support TeamA complete team of IT experts to support your business
Managed IT
Total IT Management & SupportFixed monthly costs to keep your business productive

IT Support

When you sign up to our ABtec SmartCare Support service, we become your virtual IT support team, doing everything to ensure you never feel even the slightest bump in your IT systems. Moreover, this IT support and peace of mind comes with a fixed monthly fee, so you know exactly where you stand.


Protecting your organisation and data from the threat of hackers, malware and viruses is a serious business, and the threat is growing by the day. With so much critical data being held not only on your servers but also on laptops, desktops and hand-held devices, your business needs an integrated security solution.

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